The OneUnited Mural Project

Thunder & Enlightening will expound on social and economic unrest – using media icons like Trayvon Martin, Christina-Taylor Green, Mike Brown, local and national law enforcement and the 343 firefighter heroes from the aftermath of 9/11. The mural will serve as a global bipartisan exchange to unite the world on a plateau of peace. It will also become the artistic blueprint for the documentation of truth and a sincere approach for equal justice. This is a unique time in history to bear witness to such a monumental testament written from the pages of innocent blood. Thunder & Enlightening speaks to this truth because this awakening must be shared with the community to undertake a more perfect civilization. The time is now to see through eyes of painted voices! We invite the world to join us on July 11, 2015 to celebrate the passing journey of racism, bigotry, fear and historical falsehood; as we embrace the birthing of a unified nation in the spirit of love.

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Flying Classroom Launch Party


Flying Classroom Launch Party Up, Up and Away

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